The Investment Center Broker Review 2021

General Information

Website URL:

Founded: 2001

Regulation: N/A

Languages: English

Deposit Methods: Bank wire transfer, credit cards, Bitcoin

Minimum Deposit: $250

Free Demo Account: no

Types of Assets: CFDs, Forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies

The Investment Center is everything but a newcomer on the trading market. It was founded way back in 2001, which makes it one of the longest-standing broker companies to date. With exactly 2 decades of experience, there are a lot of things to learn about this company. One of the first of them is the fact that, during this time, the Investment Center was able to introduce quite a lot of innovative approaches when it comes to trading.

In all honesty, we could say that the entire trading landscape has been significantly improved since this company became one of its participants. In the past year, this company has also undergone some changes in both the website design and the variety of trading services that the company provides. Now, the main focus is diversity in the asset selection for all its clients, which takes into consideration the needs and the tendencies for trading with both newcomers and more experienced traders.

Considering that the company is based in London, we can safely say that it is completely secure for trading. As you know, the United Kingdom is one of the strictest areas of the world when it comes to regulating the brands in the area of online trading. With the demanding guidelines as well as the regulatory frame that is currently present in Europe, it is safe to say that the Investment Center is able to create trends for other companies to follow. These are just some of the many sides of this company that we will mention in this Investment Center review, so keep reading to find out more!


Still, we should note right here at the beginning that the Investment Center is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, otherwise known as the FCA. despite this regulatory body being the number one authority in this area of business, we weren’t able to find any information about it being in charge of the business operations at the Investment Center. However, this wasn’t too worrying for us, considering that the company has included many other regulatory and security measures for their clients. This has definitely helped this company to create a long-lasting and reliable reputation in the industry, despite not having clear information about its regulation and licensing.

For starters, all the operations are fully covered and protected by the SSL encryption technology, which is the most advanced one available when it comes to online financing. Then, this also includes that the outgoing data is unreadable to outside parties, which is important when you wish to withdraw your money, for example. This is another level of safety for all clients, and it goes a long way when it comes to keeping the Investment Center your number one choice for trading.

Still, we should note that because of the fact this broker company is based in London, it means that it still falls under at least some part of the strict regulation that covers this entire area of trading. We even checked the terms and conditions page of this website, just to double-check if there is maybe something you should be worried about. Fortunately, we’ve learned that this company is dedicated to keeping you safe during each step of the trading process. It makes our job a lot easier, too!

Trading Platform

When we went to check out the Investment Center trading platform and its advantages, we were kind of surprised to learn about its features. Mainly, we should note that this company uses its own proprietary platform instead of the classic MT4 or MT5. This means that the clients have a lot more personalized features to look forward to. They don’t need to rely on the generic-looking platform that you can find on literally every other trading site. There is so much money, time, and knowledge invested in creating this platform type. This is something you should definitely keep in mind while you do your research.

So, the platform interface is quite appealing and user-friendly. It has over a few dozen features and trading tools to get you started. There is also a possibility to adjust themes and the outlook of your trading platform, so you can make it more personal and enjoyable during trading. Also, don’t worry about accessing the platform through your mobile phone or tablet – it will all look the same and equally appealing. The loading times are immediate, which is quite crucial during a hectic day of trading, which often happens.

Currently, you can trade with over 200 assets including stocks, currency pairs, indices, commodities, and cryptos. Each one of them has a specific way of functioning on the market and the ability to adjust to the impending market conditions. For example, cryptos are the most efficient when it comes to this fact since they are the only assets able to thrive in this kind of uncertainty in the world and on the global markets. Having these different assets at your disposal is important if you want to diversify your portfolio. This way, for example, if you don’t achieve what you wanted for your portfolio with some stocks, maybe cryptocurrencies will be able to outperform and make up for the difference!

Account Types

Let’s talk a bit about the account types available at the Investment Center. The main thing you should know here is that you can choose between no less than 5 account types. The last one, called the VIP account, is only available with an invitation. It is reserved for the most trusted clients. With each account you choose, you will be able to progress through different stages of your trading. You can also use more trading assets and other advantages that this company has to offer.

The first account type available is the Silver account, and it requires a $250 deposit. It is suitable for beginners. You can also find clients who just want to dip their toes into the pool of trading opportunities. Next, we have the Gold account, which can be yours after depositing at least $10.000. It gives you more personalized features such as financial planning, Tier 3 room analysis, and more. Lastly, with the Platinum account, you can participate in special offers, bonuses, and promotions. Also, the webinars and other educational material will help you enhance your trading experience.


Speaking of the educational material you can find here, there is a lot to see. Learn about many different types of material at this company. First, you will receive daily updates with any of the account types. They contain the latest information and news about the market. Then, you can enjoy some of the many eBooks which are easy to read through. You can learn a lot about the market patterns and trends, as well as types of analysis. Then, you should definitely check out the Glossary, too. It contains all the latest terms that you can hear every day during trading.

In the end, there is also the Asset Index page. It shows you details of all the tradeable assets available on the platform. Those are the trading hours and other requirements that you should keep in mind. They are important for creating your trading strategy. With any of these educational materials, you can learn invaluable lessons. They include money and risk management, technical analysis, different types of strategies, and many more things that you probably haven’t even thought about yet.

Deposits and Withdrawals

When it comes to funding, this process at the Investment Center is quite simplified and efficient. All deposits instant and at no additional charge, no matter which payment method you choose. The security of your funds is available without any doubt. Especially when you consider our previous findings of the company’s efforts in this area. Also, we should note that there are no crazy commissions or fees here. This includes the inactivity fee, for example. This is quite a bad practice if you ask us, and the Investment Center seems to agree.

In the end, we should mention the withdrawal methods, which are a bit different. Mainly, you should note that there are some waiting times you will need to honor. The bank wire transfer takes the longest. This is not unusual, of course. With Bitcoin, on the other hand, you will only have to wait around a few minutes. Lastly, the credit card options depend on your bank’s policy, so you should check about it with them personally. Whichever payment method you end up choosing, your trading experience will be secure and efficient each step of the way.