StocksCM Review


StocksCM’s marketing focuses heavily on their vision: “a platform that thinks like a trader”. They believe they have developed their own platform that uses all the modern benefits in order to offer its users a unique trading experience. There is plenty to trade with, as this brokerage includes Cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices commodities, and more. This StocksCM review aims to find out whether this new broker can break some new grounds and attract enough interest and trust to compete with the biggest names in the industry.

On their website, it appears that they have offices in Australia and in the UK. While it may seem shady to hide the origin of your brokerage, we hope StocksCM will divulge such information in the future. In addition, there seems to be an absence of any kind of information when it comes to regulatory bodies that cover this broker. From our experience, there is nothing wrong with unregulated brokers, but it is a fact that they have to fight extra hard to earn trust, and on average take a longer time to build a reputation.

Trading Platform

Namely, some long-time traders might be confused by the absence of MT4 or MT5 trading platforms. Those have been around for a long time and many traders are comfortable using them. StocksCM has gone the other route, offering a trading platform that was developed internally. It must be noted that it’s very intuitive and that we haven’t found any issue with it. Some of the alternative platforms might have the occasional hiccup in performance, but we are happy to report that all our trading activities went as smooth as it gets.

Still, novice traders will find little trouble getting their way around StocksCM’s platform. The fact that it is very user–friendly will help out many traders looking to make their first trade. More experienced traders, on the other hand, will have to swallow the fact that although it is not as potent as the MT5 platform, it more than makes up for it with its top performance and intuitive design.

Account Types

Like many Forex brokers, StocksCM offers various trading accounts. In order to keep a competitive edge, they are offering several tiers that are based on client needs and constraints.

  • Minimum deposit: €250
  • Over 200 tradeable assets
  • Significant leverage: up to 1:100

Minimum deposit: €10,000

  • Over 200 tradeable assets √
  • Dedicated account manager √
  • Bonus fund: √
  • Lucrative spreads: Gold spreads
  • Significant leverage: up to 1:200
  • Trading room analysis: Tier 3
  • Financial planning: √
  • Risk management: √
  • Webinars: monthly
  • Prioritized withdrawals: level 3

Minimum deposit: €50,000

  • Over 200 tradeable assets √
  • Dedicated account manager √
  • Bonus fund: √
  • Lucrative spreads: Platinum spreads
  • Significant leverage: up to 1:300
  • Trading signals: √
  • Trading room analysis: Tier 2
  • Financial planning: √
  • Risk management: √
  • Webinars: weekly
  • Prioritized withdrawals: level 2

Invitation only

  • Over 200 tradeable assets √
  • Dedicated account manager √
  • Bonus fund: √
  • Lucrative spreads: VIP spreads
  • Significant leverage: up to 1:300
  • Trading signals: √
  • Trading room analysis: Complete access
  • Financial planning: √
  • Risk management: √
  • Webinars: complete access
  • Prioritized withdrawals: level 1

As you can see, there is an excellent diversification, as there is something for all kinds of traders. With a minimum deposit of €250, pretty much anyone can register and start investing. With such a low barrier of entry, many traders will probably be looking to upgrade their accounts as those higher tiers definitely have some nice perks to offer. Yet you will be assured that by selecting the silver package, you will have access to over 200 tradable assets which is well over the industry average. On the other hand, powerful analysis tools will be attractive for more experienced traders looking to invest large amounts.

Safety of the Funds

It appears that StocksCM doesn’t have any valid trading licenses. As they are operating without any regulatory body, there is no doubt that this will raise a concern with some traders. Despite all this, StocksCM claims they welcome traders across the globe (except the USA, Iran, or Syria).

However, they do have offices in the United Kingdom and Australia, so there will always be a way to reach them. Due to the pandemic, StocksCM’s support can only be reached via email or live chat. Like we mentioned numerous times before, an unregulated broker isn’t bad by that virtue alone. And with plenty of other virtues to offer, this brokerage has definitely deserved a second look.

Deposits & Withdrawals

On StocksCM, deposits and withdrawals are executed via different payment methods. They accept wire transfers as well as Visa and MasterCard. It has to be noted that whichever your choice is, you might require to pay additional fees. With withdrawals, the same payment methods apply. You might also be looking for additional fees here as well. Usually every withdrawal, no matter the size is executed within 1 to 3 working days.

However, the deposits are a bit different story – much to our excitement. Namely, whichever option you choose you won’t have to wait long for them to be processed, and they also do not require any additional fees. This makes things much easier for both sides. However, you should note that the fact that withdrawals take a bit longer should not have to be a bad thing. The main reason for it is the fact that the StocksCM team needs a bit more time to process these transactions to ensure your safety. Unfortunately, fraud is a common thing in the trading industry, so trading companies are required to do their best in order to prevent this from happening. So, be patient while they do so because it is precisely for your security! Also, they may require you to deposit additional documentation, which is also standard.


StocksCM has an extensive library of videos and handy trading-related material. This section is easy to find on the website and it’s easy to navigate. A big plus is that you don’t have to have an opened account to access most of this library – it is open for viewing for any website visitor. In addition to the free content, there is a premium section reserved for those who have a higher-tier account. while the free material is mostly intended for beginners, the “behind the paywall stuff” is well worth the money as it contains vital information on how to trade more effectively using tools at your disposal.

Also, all educational materials are presented as a step-by-step course that covers a vast area of topics ranging from risk management to trading strategies. Beginners can also find the FAQ section very helpful as it explains hot topics like account funding and much more.


StocksCM’s reliable customer support has proved to be useful and available anytime markets are oper via email, phone, or chat. There is a 24/7 operating desk.

  • Live Chat – live chat option is available in the lower right corner of the website to answer most trading-related questions.
  • Email – Customer support can help in many international languages
  • Phone support

Like we previously mentioned, due to the pandemic, the only support system that is fully operational is via email.


It is amazing how quickly StocksCM has been able to grow despite still being a young brokerage. It is commendable for its system that is welcoming to beginners, whilst still retaining enough depth to attract experienced traders. While having a regulatory watchdog remains desirable, this broker has managed to win us over by flawless execution in practically every other field. In a super-competitive environment, it is great to see brokerages that are able to grow to adapt to traders’ needs and desires.

Basically, this is the main reason StocksCM is a strong recommendation from us. We hope this StocksCM review was helpful, and that you have found all the information you were looking for before choosing your next trading partner. To summarize, we have highlighted all the positive and negative features we have encountered:


  • A vast number of tradable assets
  • User-friendly platform
  • Great educational tools
  • Effective support system
  • Quick withdrawal speeds


  • No regulation
  • No MT5