LV Grow Markets Broker Review 2021

General Information

Website URL:

Founded: 2019

Regulation: n/a

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, German, Arabic

Deposit Methods: Bank wire transfer, credit and debit cards, e-wallets

Minimum Deposit: $250

Free Demo Account: no

Types of Assets: CFDs, Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies

There have been a lot of complaints over the years regarding LV Grow Markets. The suspicious practices, rude customer support agents, impossible withdrawal requests, you name it. When we decided to dig deeper and research this company to see what it is all about, we were astounded to find that there are so many things wrong with it. And frankly – we tried giving it a chance. We really did. We don’t like to judge a book by its cover, so we wanted to ask questions first and draw conclusions from there.

So, what did we end up finding? A bunch of former clients’ complaints, unanswered calls, and queries, money missing from their accounts and so many suspicious things that would imply that the company should have probably been closed by now. However, for some inexplicable reason, LV Grow Markets is still alive and well. So, we decided to create this review for you, so you wouldn’t risk getting scammed by them in any way. This way, you can learn from the mistakes the other traders made before you, hopefully not repeating them. While we wait for the regulatory authorities to address the issue of LV Grow Markets still existing, we are presenting you with this review. Here, you can learn everything there is to know about the company in order to make a smart and effective trading decision for your future. Let’s dig deeper into this LV Grow Markets review and not waste any more time (or money, for that matter).


As we mentioned already, this company has been making some pretty inexcusable mistakes over the years. So, how come it is still operating? A big part of the answer to this question is the fact that LV Grow Markets lacks any regulatory information. Yes, this company is operating without a license! This is not at all strange in the trading world, but there are some things to beware of when you get in bed with an unregulated company.

For starters, when you trade with an unregulated company, basically anything can happen. The company could mysteriously close down at any point, leaving you without all the money you invested in the market through it. Also, the company that is not overseen by a regulatory body of any kind reserves the right to change its rules and requirements without any control or without even advising you beforehand. This is highly unethical, but you will see it happen often in the trading world. LV Grow Markets is definitely a good example of that in terms of how a company will abuse its power to drain its clients.

Trading Platform

LV Grow Markets takes pride in providing you with a top-level trading platform, but at what cost? Namely, there are a lot of things wrong with it. For starters, the platform does not offer any trading tools or signals. Basically, this means that you will need to work on your own while building a trading strategy and assessing the market performance of each one of the assets available. This is quite exhausting, and you shouldn’t be doing it on your own. A trading platform should be a winning combination of high-tech designs and a responsive outlook. On the other hand, LV Grow Markets leaves you to fight or flight for yourself, without so much as assistance from their account managers. That is – unless you are willing to put the big bucks towards it first. But we will get to that later.

When we talk about the tradeable assets available at this company, we have to say that we weren’t able to learn a lot about them. Namely, you would have to register for an account in order to see the full offering of the company’s assets. Overall, the only thing we’ve learned is that there are around 200 in total, but we can’t tell you for sure what they are. The leverage for trading these assets is 1:500, which is quite a lot if you ask us. And yes, high leverage also means that you will have better odds at winning. But it also implies greater risks, and not a lot of clients are ready to take on that challenge. This is completely fine, but it would be nice of the company to acknowledge that, as well.

Account Types

At LV Grow Markets, there are 5 account types you will find available. Based on how much you are willing to spend, you will be required to deposit at least $250 for a basic account. However, there is some information missing about the exact requirements for other account types. Instead, you are met with a login button – which implies that you can only learn about the details of the account types if you sign up for an account first. Also, there are no details about the features that these accounts contain, so we are not sure how the potential clients will be able to choose one!

Customer Support

There is some misleading information about this section of LV Grow Markets, too. Namely, their official website claims that they are available 24/7. However, many of the clients are claiming that this cannot be further from the truth. We decided to try these features out for ourselves and learned that the agents are only available 6 days a week. This is fine, but they should really inform their clients beforehand about this instead of misleading them about the customer support and its abilities.

The company also does not provide the live chat option as a way of contacting the agents, which is a huge downside. Instead, you are left with the choice to either send them an email and wait around 5 days for a reply or call them on the telephone number. However, you should take into consideration that this company only offers a telephone number option for clients based in Malaysia and Russia. There is no explanation why the other countries are missing, nor if more countries will be added to this list in the future.


There isn’t a lot of educational material you can find at LV Grow Markets. Again, there is a lot of information missing from the webpage, which you can only learn if you sign up for an account. This is starting to seem like a really bad and misleading practice for the company. Namely, the only thing we were able to find here is the Trading academy that offers the opportunity for you to sign up for a trading mentor. The only thing you need to do here is to create an account and make a deposit. After this, you will be able to request a trading mentor and begin your learning journey. However, we cannot tell you the details about it – since we are only looking from the visitor’s perspective.

Deposits and Withdrawals

When we went to research this section of the company, we learned – you’ve guessed it! – more misleading information about deposits and withdrawals. Namely, the bank wire transfer option is our main point of conflict, and here is why. The company claims that you can make a deposit by using the bank wire transfer option. However, if you wish to cancel it or make a withdrawal later on – tough luck! You won’t be able to use this option at all. So, we are genuinely confused about this option, and we understand if you are, too.

Other than that, you can use credit and debit card options for both of these processes. We are not certain about the waiting times. This is another important thing that LV Grow Markets needs to address ASAP. This fact also depends on your bank where you got your credit or debit card in the first place, so you should take that into consideration as well. The e-wallets option is not currently available, even though the site claims otherwise. There is also no indication as to when this will change, which LV Grow Markets should look into as soon as possible.


Did we forget to dive into anything else about this company? So far, LV Grow Markets certainly does not deserve any praises from us. We would advise all our readers to steer clear of this company. Simply, there isn’t a single thing that we could point out and say that would make the situation better, at least for now. If you ask us, the first thing that this company should do to clean up its image would be to get a proper license. This would go a long way in getting a solid and reliable group of clients. They would benefit from trading with the company, too.