HFTrading Review

General Information

Website URL: https://www.hftrading.com/

Founded: 2018

Regulation: Australian Securities and Investment Commission

Languages: English

Deposit Methods: n/a

Minimum Deposit: n/a

Free Demo Account: yes

Types of Assets: CFDs, currencies, commodities

Trading CFDs is certainly becoming one of the most attractive and alluring activities on the market. And it’s not a surprise, considering there are so many advantages to it. From better chances of earning a sweet profit to the accessibility to the global market, CFDs are a way to take your trading headache away and enjoy everything that the market has to offer.

One of the brands that seem to be going out of their way to prove their trustworthiness and loyalty to the clients is HFTrading. Now, are they succeeding in this goal? Let’s see. There are a lot of brands that are trying to do the exact same thing. So how does HFTrading stand out?


HFTrading is a new and up and coming brand that was established just 2 years ago. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission immediately took it under its wing as a regulatory body, which says a lot because they don’t take on just anybody. For those of you who are not familiar – Australian Securities and Investment Commission is one of the strictest and most reputable regulations in the industry. It imposes rather harsh fines for basically anyone who tries to tarnish the term of trading or respectable companies that work hard through it.

So, you can rest assured that your funds and important information are kept safe with HFTtrading. They are under the watchful eyes of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission as a regulatory mothership. Next, HFTrading also stands out by offering its clients over 350 trading instruments, which not a lot of brands are able to do these days. Rather, I noticed that most companies focus on the few successful stocks or currencies, discouraging the others that are not so profitable or reliable. However, HFTrading recognizes the importance of each segment of the global markets. It also gives a chance to all of the assets to thrive at some point, and us as clients, with them.

Trading Platform

The HFTrading website is pretty appealing and approachable. Its design is classic and doesn’t stand out much from the other websites, so you wouldn’t be able to easily detect it in a crowd. Still, the platform is supported by the MT4 software, which is the most alluring and advanced type of platform there is on the market today. It is especially convenient for the traders who are just starting out. So I can see why HFTrading is an epicenter for new clients who are just starting out and are hungry for some excitement.

Aside from easy access, this platform also provides detailed analytics through a simple and interactive display. It is quite easy to go around the website and find what you are looking for without a lot of hassle. As you know, simplicity is often the best option, especially in such a hectic industry.

Account Types

Most of the trading platforms available today offer 5 or more different account types that are quite similar to one another. The only difference is in the amount of deposit you have to make to be eligible for each one.

However, HFTrading does things a bit differently. Namely, this platform offers you a choice between 3 different account types. How is that better? Well, there is a pretty clear distinction between each of them with a lot of perks that distinguish them. So basically, what you see is what you get. From over 700 assets up for trading in total to much better spreads, HFTrading gives you better options than most platforms.


As for the educational section, there are many options to choose from. Charts and graphs are a safe choice for traders who like numbers, for example. On the other hand, if you like to surround yourself with plenty of information and helpful tips, you can always choose to read some of the many e-books about the trading market and its benefits.

Another important addition is the online video courses, which are quite informative and regularly updated. This is a great option for visual learners since you can see everything explained in front of your eyes and interact with others, which is always helpful. Education is a crucial part of each trading experience, but not many trading companies today even acknowledge that. Luckily, HFTrading does things a bit differently and recognizes the importance of improving yourself through learning.