Green Tower Investments Broker Review 2021

General Information

Website URL:

Founded: 2020

Regulation: n/a

Languages: English

Deposit Methods: Bank wire transfer, credit cards, Bitcoin

Minimum Deposit: $250

Free Demo Account: no

Types of Assets: CFDs, stocks, forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies

How do you choose the most suitable trading company? That question is quite challenging to answer these days because there are so many things that come into play here. Also, there are a lot of different characteristics that come to mind when we say “the perfect trading company”. So, what will it be? What is the ideal trading company for you? How do you see it?

If you ask us, that term describes a company you can always rely on. This means that the company is fully regulated by an authority that deals with the financial part of the trading world – which is a big part of it, let’s be honest. So, a regulatory body is an authority that is in charge of trading companies. It makes sure that they follow the regulatory frame of the industry in order to not scam its clients. This entire structure is designed to help you become the best possible trader you can be and to fully honor your rights as one.

At Green Tower Investments, there is a wide range of services that we will list and explain in detail in the following passages. For starters, you should keep in mind that Green Tower Investments is made up of traders who were once just starting out, eager to learn more and join in on the action as soon as possible. Green Tower Investments takes pride in features such as fast and secure transactions, efficient execution, top trading assets, and many more. In this Green Tower Investments review, we will present you with a deep and detailed analysis of each one of these benefits. Let’s begin!

Asset Selection

The great thing about Green Tower Investments is that it is fully dedicated to satisfying the goals and wishes of the widest variety of clients. What this means is that Green Tower Investments offers one of the greatest selections of tradeable assets we have ever stumbled upon. Overall, you can choose from over 200 assets including CFDs, Forex currency pairs, commodities, indices, and of course, cryptocurrencies

What does this mean for you, in practice? Well for starters, you will have a lot more choices. And especially if you are not yet sure about which one of these suits you and your portfolio the best. For example, commodities are relatively stable no matter what is currently happening in the world of finance. Also, stocks move in the opposite direction of the commodities – so that is another handy trick to keep in mind. Also, digital currencies defy all logic and are highly volatile – which makes them one of the most profitable assets today. So, what will be your top pick?

Trading Platform

All these assets are available at a top-notch trading platform, of course. The web-based solution provided by the Green Tower Investments team of designers makes the platform easy to navigate and use, even for first-time visitors. It is simple to understand and scroll through, and there are also many trading tools and charts available here.

Also, here you can find a handy list of all tradeable assets divided into groups – stocks, forex, indices, and so on. On the right, you can follow the market performance of these assets in real-time, so you don’t miss out on anything important. This is the safest way to create and design a winning trading strategy. After all, you know what suits you the best, right?

Account Types

There are 4 different account types that Green Tower Investments can offer you. Each one of them is specifically designed to suit different needs and requirements including budget, asset preference, education and background and so much more. And the best part is – you can easily scroll through them and change levels by depositing different amounts of money based on the overall requirement for owning that specific account type.

The most common account is called the Basic account, and it requires a minimum deposit of 250 EUR. with this account, you will have basic benefits such as full access to the trading platform and a variety of educational materials to base your improvement on the market. The next one is the Silver account that has quite a high minimum deposit requirement of 10.000 EUR. this account gives you a lot more educational materials including tutorials, WebTV, and education on demand. Also, you can take advantage of a few trading signals and tools to help you improve your trading game.

The Gold account gives you daily market reviews and other helpful tips daily in your inbox to help you advance your trading game. The requirement for a deposit here is 25.000 EUR. Also, there is the Platinum account that gives you your own dedicated account manager. They will be available to assist you at all times. It requires a minimum deposit of 100.000 EUR.


Did you know that Green Tower Investments is equally good for your financial success as well as making the world a better place? This may sound like a cliche, but it’s true. Namely, this company is dedicated to equality as much as it is to safety. That is evident based on the educational resources they offer. From e-books to video tutorials and a Glossary, you will definitely find a lot of handy tools at this company. What is your top pick?


In the end, we are more than satisfied with what we’ve seen at Green Tower Investments. Their team is clearly skillful and dedicated to your success. There is definitely something for everyone here, so you won’t find a lack of choices at this company. The security and safety of your assets and data are one of the top priorities for the company. So, you can consider this as covered, as well. Green Tower Investments has been present on the market for quite some time. So, we can see how they picked up a few tricks down the road. The experience definitely shows, and its team uses it to help you advance in all areas of your finances. In the end, a result is a wide group of satisfied and trusted clients who are coming back time and time again for more.