Fundiza Review

General Information

Website URL:

Founded: 2019

Regulation: n/a

Languages: English

Deposit Methods: n/a

Minimum Deposit: $5.000

Free Demo Account: yes

Types of Assets: Forex, commodities, stocks, indices, shares

Many trading companies are emerging in the industry every single day, and that’s a good thing for us traders. But what I noticed about the majority of these brokerages is that they hide their flaws and insecurities behind offering some up and coming or advanced technology that is guaranteed to make me an easy profit.

And let’s face it – no profit is easy to earn. Especially in trading, things are as unpredictable as ever, and we all know it. So really, there is no point for a trading company to come in and feed us some story about a sure thing on the market. I would rather have a company that is honest with me any day before some flashy one that throws around promises left and right.


Fundiza is quite a catchy name to remember easily in the trading world. There are no hints of money, actual markets, or any other indications of what the company is all about. I guess that’s a pretty sweet way for their marketing experts to get you to actually visit the website if you want to learn more, which is quite an admirable move for the brand.

However, even if you do decide to visit the website you will see that there is some important information completely missing from the webpage, or rather particularly difficult to find. Namely, the full licensing info is nowhere to be found, expect the address that is listed, which is a small island in the Caribean called St Vincent and Grenadines. However, the regulatory body that handles the possible infractions and rules regarding Fundiza is not listed at all.

On the other hand, Fundiza has a pretty clear page of Terms and Conditions, which many trading platforms tend to avoid. There, you can find a bunch of legal terms, as well as a clear set of rules and boundaries that protect you as a client, as well as Fundiza as a trading company.

Trading Platform

The trading platform at Fundiza is quite advanced and based on the MT5 software. A lot of the brands are still hesitant about introducing this feature to their clients and choose to rather stick with the old trusting MT4. However, there are a lot of positive sides when it comes to the MT5 platform.

For the most part, the MT5 platform is in its core very similar to the MT4 but has a much better interface while allowing you to multitask without any trouble. In addition, you can play around with the design of your display and create a unique trading experience just for you. Also, the platform is available on all devices. Whether you are using your personal computer or are just checking out the latest on the market via smartphone, you will have a clear overview of the trading platform at any time.

Account Types

Fundiza is sure to take you by surprise with its authenticity and originality, mainly when it comes to different account types that are available for traders. There are 6 of them, and each one has a rather unique name that not many platforms out there even try to create. They are:

  • rookie – the name serves as a reminder that you are just trying out, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up! It offers a pretty common list of tradeable assets for your start at Fundiza
  • basic – this is most often the simplest account type on the market. However, at Fundiza they tend to do things a bit differently, so this type of account gives you a wider choice of tradeable assets
  • premier – one step above the basic account, this one offers you an addition of the latest market news and updates to keep you on top of your trading game
  • elite – now this is where things get good. With this account type, you get a lot more advantages than with the previous – including a fixed bid-ask difference as well as the access to technical analysis and its tools
  • elite plus – elite plus basically offers you the similar amount of advantages as the elite one, with the exception of the number of profits you can gain during each one of the trades you make
  • VIP – this account type is aimed at the biggest of high rollers and the most dedicated clients – with the minimum deposit of $1 million. With this account package, the possibilities are practically endless.


As for education, Fundiza could definitely use a bit more information on their website. For now, the page only gives you a brief insight into the frequently asked questions, and not much besides it. Still, Fundiza aims to become your ultimate choice for trading in many ways. It offers many advantages for their trusted clients, as well as appealing hooks in hopes of attracting a new group of traders. Despite some basic information lacking, Fundiza has left quite a good impression on the market so far.