Royal Capital Pro Review 2020

General Information

Website URL:

Founded: 2010

Regulation: n/a

Languages: Two

Deposit Methods: Credit/Debit card, Bank Transfer, eWallet

Minimum Deposit: $500

Free Demo Account: No

Types of Assets: Forex, Metals, Equities, Indices, Bonds, Commodities

Today, we have an experienced broker that has been in Forex business since 2010. Royal Capital Pro is a company from Estonia and the whole team is made from successful traders. So, let’s see if those traders will be able to teach their clients and help them reach their goals.

Trading Platform

Royal Capital Pro uses a well-known MT4 platform. Although this platform is loved by professional traders, if you are a beginner, you will love it too. It is customizable and you can change the details as you wish.

MT4 platform can offer you a lot. Different charts, easy to use interface and one-click trading. But most importantly, there is a mobile app. Aside from that, you can use the Royal Capital Pro online trading service. This is an online platform that will enable you to make purchases instantly, follow trades in real-time, and manage your orders. The selection is not bad at all, we have to say.

Account Types

You can choose between three different accounts. Aside from that, there is an Islamic account that has different trading conditions. There are some things that are the same for each account. For example, all trading instruments are available and account currency is the U.S. dollar. Also, you don’t have to pay any commissions, a margin call is 150%, early closure fee is 5% and the maximum size per each lot is up to 50.

The first account is the Classic. Minimal deposit is $500, and you will have help from an account manager with a professional degree in Economics, three trading sessions, and free learning materials.

The second one is Silver. Minimal deposit this time is $2,500. Account manager and free learning materials are included, but instead of three, you get five trending sessions.

The last option is Gold Account. The minimum deposit is $10,000 but you will be able to enjoy more advanced materials and learn different things. There are seven trading sessions available, daily market reviews and recommendations as well as access to all trading tutorials.

Royal Capital Pro also provides an Islamic account. This is an interest-free account and buying or selling happens instantly, without any delay. There aren’t any up-front commissions, re-quotes, or hidden costs. You get free and instant access to all platforms.

There is one other thing that is great about this broker. It has a Cashback Program. You will receive from $1 to $10 for every LOT you trade. There are three different programs, the first one is with the smallest deposit (between $5,000 and $10,000) and you receive $1 for each LOT traded. In order to receive $5 per LOT, you have to deposit from $10,000 to $50,000, and to get $10 per LOT, the deposit has to be over $50,000.

This may sound a little, but once you calculate the amount received in a period of a couple of months, you see it’s not little at all.

Customer Support

The first thing Royal Capital Pro promised is customer support in 32 different languages. Well, you cannot count on that, since the only language available in English.

As a contact method, you can choose between email, phone number, online form, and Live Chat. If you are in a rush, we would always suggest a phone call. The online form works fine, you should type the message and the reply will arrive in your inbox. But the Live Chat option is disappointing.

When you take the first look it looks just like any other Live Chat. In reality, this is another contact form. You are supposed to attach your message and wait for a reply. It’s not Live and you won’t have an immediate answer. Honestly speaking, customer support could be much better than this.

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are three deposit/withdrawal methods available. One is Credit/Debit Card, another is Bank Transfer and the third is eWallet option. If you choose to deposit using a Credit Card, keep in mind that the only available currency is the USD. That said, if this is not your primary currency, the bank might charge you additional fees for the exchange.

The withdrawal process is fast and easy. In order to make a request, you need to prepare some documents. Once you have everything, there is a waiting time that lasts up to 24 hours. After the approval, the money will be on your bank account or eWallet within seven business days.

Royal Capital Pro does charge some fees for each transfer ($25 per transfer). But the main problem we have is the fact that this broker can change its fees without any prior notice, so be aware of that.


When it comes to education, they have four different segments. Forex Trading Strategies is the first one and it explains basic things about Forex. This part is free for everyone, unlike the rest.

The second segment reflects on trading signals and it is made just for registered users. There is also an overview of the Forex market and a mini glossary. Unfortunately, Royal Capital Pro doesn’t provide the News section and that is very disappointing. If you are not updated with the latest news, you won’t be able to make proper decisions.

To summarize our thoughts, we have to say there are much better places for trading. Royal Capital Pro doesn’t offer a lot and it certainly promises more than it’s able to fulfill.