CT Trade Broker Review 2020

General Information

Website URL: https://ct-trade.co/

Regulation: N/A

Languages: English, Russian

Deposit methods: Credit/Debit Card (Visa or Mastercard), Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Web Money and Wire Transfer

Minimum deposit: $250

Demo account: No

CT Trade is a broker that belongs to the CT-Trade LP. They have operated since 2017 and they are located in Warsaw, Poland. Unfortunately, this is an unregulated broker, so keep that in mind. But let’s see if they have some things to offer that will compensate for the absence of the license.

In the beginning, we must say their website has a lot of errors. If you click their Terms and Conditions, you won’t be able to see them. KYC, AML and Privacy Policy are missing as well. Obviously, they need to maintain their website much better.

Trading Platform

If you are a fan of MT4, you won’t find it here. They offer a Web Trading platform that is optimised for mobile and tablet as well. There is one problem with that platform, it’s not working properly.

Once we made an account and entered the platform, the only thing we were able to see is a message saying an error occurred. This is a big problem since that means clients cannot trade whenever they want and that is unacceptable.

Account Types

Unlike the bad platform, their Account Type selection is excellent. We have the smallest account, Take Off. You need to deposit at least $250 and you get one free trade, +1% payout and 100% sticky bonus.

Next one is Standard Account and the minimum deposit has to be $1000. With this account, they offer two free trades, +3% payout and a 100% balance bonus. Now we have a Premium Account. You get three free trades, +5% payout, 150% balance bonus, 50% pending bonus and online trading signals, but you have to deposit $5,000.

VIP Account is the last one. The minimum deposit is $10,000 but it has the best possibilities like five free trades, +5% payout, 200% balance bonus, 100% pending bonus and online trading signals.

Customer Support

We are back to the beginning and disappointing things. CT Trade does not offer constant support. As a matter of fact, they offer very poor assistance. You can send them an email or call them, but the thing is, we have no idea how long it will take to receive a reply.

They also added social media platforms to the website, but once you try to click on them, it will only redirect you to the About Us page. So, sending a message at their social media profiles is impossible. If we have in mind that their platform is full of errors, the assistance is much needed.

Deposit and Withdrawal

They provide different deposit methods, so you can choose according to the preferences. Just keep in mind that the withdrawal method needs to be the same as you used for the deposit. So, you can decide to use Credit/Debit Cards (Visa or Mastercard), Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Web Money or Wire Transfer. The minimum withdrawal amount is unlimited, except for Wire Transfer where it is $250.

They also do not charge any fees, but if you choose Wire Transfer, you will have to pay a banking commission of $30. The approval request lasts between three to ten business days and this is the part we do not like. Ten business days is a lot since you will have to wait for more after that to see money on the bank account.


CT Trade has a separate section called Education. Since we all know how important it is to stay educated, this is a big plus from us. There are Video lessons, Forex eBook, Advanced Forex, Commodities eBook and CFDs eBook. 

You can choose the section that you need, and click on one free lesson. After that, you will need to pay extra. Lessons are for everyone, no matter whether you are just a beginner or you already have years of experience. They really did their best to explain everything.

The only problem we have with this part is that it’s offered within one of their accounts only. Brokers usually provide education material to each client who deposits, but CT Trading doesn’t do that.