Capital GMA Broker Review 2020

General Information


Founded                      2019

Regulated                   No

Platform                      Web-based

Mobile App                  No

Tradable assets          100

Min. Deposit                $1,000

Max. Leverage            1:400

Min. Trade Size          N/A

Free Demo Account    No

Payment Options        Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, EFTPay

Capital GMA is one of the youngest online brokerages, based out of Bulgaria in Eastern Europe. While only being able to offer a web-based platform, they offer a decent range of instruments including Forex pairs, Stocks, Indices, and Commodities.

On the downside, this broker is not only not regulated, but it has been blacklisted by financial authorities in Italy for running a scam. If you are considering trading with Capital GMA, be aware that it comes with significant risk. Continue reading this review as we uncover more details.

Trading Platform

Capital GMA offers only the basic web-based trading platform to its clients. Unlike the more popular MetaTrader4 which is easy to navigate but offers sufficient depth for the more experienced traders, this trading platform is pretty underwhelming. Not only does it perform bad, but it also fails to cover some of the most basic features modern traders use on a daily level.

There is no demo account available. As the trading markets become more volatile, traders want an account that they can use as a trading simulator to understand the market conditions better and develop new strategies. Unfortunately, no such feature is available to traders working with Capital GMA.

  • Bronze account

This is the entry point for many traders. Minimum deposit required by the company is a whopping $1,000. On their website, they offer no information regarding the maximum leverage or the spread.

  • Silver account

This is the medium solution provided by Capital GMA. You can access it with a minimum deposit of $2,5000. Leverage goes as high as 1:400 and the spread is fixed at 3 pips for the EUR/USD pair.

  • Gold account

Trading with a gold account starts with a deposit of $10,000. It is a massive undertaking compared to how little information there is on actual trading conditions. Capital GMI has failed to disclose the spread and leverage for gold accounts.

Deposit & Withdrawal

The process of depositing funds with Capital GMA is reasonably fast. Viable payment methods include VISA, MasterCard, Wire transfers and EFTPay. The problems occur when you are done with trading and wish to withdraw funds back to your wallet. The entire process is needlessly too arduous. While most competitors get the job done within several days, Capital GMA requires 2-3 weeks before you get your hard-earned money back.

Customer Support

Capital GMA uses emails as their main communication channel. Phone calls are their way of making sure users deposit more funds. There is no live-chat or the option to leave your number and have a representative call you back. Even with the emails you write, it will take more than a week before you get any reply.


Here, the novice traders will find very little help when it comes to education material on their website. The only noteworthy feature is the FAQ page that provides only the most basic answers. If you are looking to learn more, you are advised to better look elsewhere.

Even the platform itself provides very little tools to help traders adjust their trading strategies. On the other hand, there are no social features, so you cannot even hope to copy the strategies of more successful traders.


In summary, the lack of a legit licence and the regulatory warning leads us to suspect every potential client of this brokerage is open to large risks. The fact that many trading conditions remain undisclosed just cements this belief.

However, this Bulgarian brokerage fails to retain the attention of any serious traders, while only praying on those with little to no experience. So, our firm opinion is that Capital GMA is a scam and it should be avoided at any cost.